Feature Projects

Lister 5

Edmonton, Alberta

Lister Hall 5 is  5 story multi-residential building project in the University of Alberta. The University has clearly demonstrated their commitment to the environment and to the education of their students and staff by mandating this project be registered and evaluated with the Green Globes Building rating system. The University has requested a minimum threshold of a 3 out of 5 green globe rating to be the benchmark for sustainable design, and a desire to push the design team with the challenge of attaining a 4 green globe rating while still maintaining the project budget and schedule. Some of the sustainable design consideration concepts include natural lighting characteristics, access to various views from the building, a selection of energy systems that maximize efficiency, and connection to existing infrastructure on campus.

Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

Camrose, Alberta

The Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre is the newest addition to the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta. With 488 solar panels, it boasts the largest building-integrated solar photovoltaic system in Canada. The solar array generates 122 kilowatts of electricity, and any excess electricity produced can be sold back to the grid and help offset the facility’s operating costs. As Green Globes project, it achieved a rating of 4/5, and also went on to win the 2014 Alberta Construction Magazine award for Institutional Project of the Year under $50 Million in 2016.

Founders Hall

Camrose, Alberta

Founders Hall is a wood frame building built in 1904 and in 2012 was subject to a major renovation. The buildings multiple uses throughout its known history, and the fact that it has been moved at least twice, speaks about its resilient lifespan. The renovation provided the space with energy efficient cooling systems, up-to-date plumbing fixtures, high efficiency lighting, and maximum daylight in the stairwell addition. Although the project was not intended to achieve any certification in the original scope of work, it is now targeted for a 2/5 Green Globes rating.

City of Spruce Grove – Engineering and Planning

Spruce Grove, Alberta

This interior space is one of several units belonging to King Street Mall in Spruce Grove, AB. Some of the design considerations include furniture and material selections with low VOC emissions, as well as increased exposure to natural day lighting. This interior office modernization achieved LEED® Silver Rating under the Commercial Interiors category.

3 Grande Prairie Schools

Isabel Campbell K-8 School

Pinnacle Ridge K-8 School

River Stone North Junior High School

The Province of Alberta has adopted a policy to conform to the CaGBC’s LEED® standards for new schools. These 3 design build schools have above and beyond the minimum requirement of LEED® Silver and are now targeting LEED® Gold Rating with the integration of Green Power. The schools have also included energy conservation measures such as heat recovering technology in the air systems, energy efficient lamps with low mercury content, automatic occupancy sensor controls for lighting, and plumbing systems with the highest degree of water consumption efficiency.